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Young Royals in Berlin and London

The Cambridge Four arrived in Berlin today for the second leg of their trip this week to Poland and Germany. As was the case when they touched down in Warsaw, Princess Charlotte seemed excited by the adventure, happily smiling for the crowds, and she looks curious too, as you can see her looking up from time to time to ask her mother questions. At least that’s how I’m reading the photos. She’s also eager to try – check out this shot of her climbing up the steps by herself.

Charlotte might be an explorer, non? Her older brother, on the other hand, has on his pouty pants again. He looks tired, like we’re interfering with his nap time, which very well may have been the case. And I get it. So, parents, I feel you, even though I’m not one of you. I can imagine it’s not fun to manage when you’re traveling with kids. That said, you have it a lot worse, since you’re traveling commercial and Big G is riding private styles.

While William and Kate and their children are on official business outside the UK, Prince Harry is back home in London, in black tie tonight, attending the Vernon Monument Falklands charity dinner. Harry and Meghan Markle are on the cover of the new issue of US Weekly:

It’s a misleading headline because inside the magazine they go on to say that the two might elope and that he could propose on her birthday, August 4th. Now remember, this is the new US Weekly, sister publication to The National Enquirer. The new US Weekly isn’t deep on royal reporters. Last fall, US Weekly broke several Harry and Meghan stories but after the sale of the magazine, the publication let a lot of their veteran staff go. The sourcing since then, not just for royal stories but for many celebrity stories, has been suspect.

I mean, really. As IF Harry could ever elope. Should Harry marry Meghan, it would mean a woman of colour would be a member of the British royal family. Tell me why that should not be a massive celebration with all the pomp and the parade and the pretentious that these people are known for. There’s no better reason for it to be a spectacle.

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